Enroll at Career Tech

You must complete all of the following steps to enroll at Career Tech.

Step 1

Access the Lincoln County School District enrollment login page and register for Career Tech: https://lincoln.k12.or.us/enroll/

Step 2

Complete and return the following to Career Tech:

Step 3

Make an Appointment
Find out the dates and times that the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) may be taken.

Step 4

Take the TABE test.

Step 5

The Lottery
If you are enrolling at the start of a school year, you may be subject to a lottery to determine who will fill the available spaces at Career Tech. If your name is pulled, you will go to Step Six. If your name is not pulled, you will be on the waiting list, in order, based on when you completed Step 4.

Step 6

The Intake:

  • An Intake appointment will be set for you and your parents/guardians to meet with Career Tech staff to discuss the program and to fill out Career Tech and LCSD enrollment paperwork.
  • If you have a current IEP, we will arrange an IEP meeting with you and your district special education representative to review your plan.

Step 7

When the paperwork, the TABE and the intake are completed, you are enrolled as a student at Career Tech and will be assigned a start date.