Determining Status of Graduation due to COVID-19 School Closure

April 26, 2020

Dear Seniors and Families,

As we navigate through this unprecedented time, our first concern is for your well-being. We understand that you may have questions about the future and how the current school closure may impact your path to graduation and beyond. Career Tech High School is working to ensure that every high school student can access support for their well-being, ongoing learning, high school completion, and transition to career and college. We remain focused on you and your future goals.

Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) Graduation Pathways Guidance is not requiring Essential Skills and Personalized Learning Requirements for 2020, so seniors will not need to meet them to graduate. Graduation status will be based on the senior’s course progress prior to the extended school closure (March 13). The purpose of this is to recognize progress and award credits towards the 24-credit Oregon Diploma requirement even though school is closed. Our goal is to not penalize any senior for this crisis.

For the final spring term, seniors shall be awarded credit based on a Pass / Incomplete determination. Following Oregon Department of Education’s guidance, if a senior was passing a course based on adequate progress and graded assignments as of March 13, they were awarded a “Pass” for the course. Based on these same criteria, if a senior was not passing the course as of March 13, they were awarded an “Incomplete” for the course. Seniors with an “Incomplete” have the opportunity to improve to a passing grade commensurate with peers in the same classes who “passed.” In other words, students with an incomplete will not be required to start the class over, but will continue from where they left off to the point achieved by their peers who received a “pass.”. We strongly advise graduating seniors to complete any incomplete courses by June 3, 2020. However, the final deadline for completing any Incomplete course is August 31, 2020.

Career Tech staff have reviewed each senior’s course progress to determine credits earned for the spring term. In addition to this letter, each senior will receive a letter that indicates their individual status as to credits earned and credits still needing to be earned in order to graduate. Additionally, staff will contact seniors who have enough credits to graduate this year to discuss post-graduation plans. Please contact Career Tech staff immediately if you have any questions or concerns about your/your senior’s current credit status.

We will be reaching out with further information about our graduation ceremony once we have determined what can be done safely following state guidance.


Rebecca Bahr
Education Supervisor

Sean Larsen